Hi everybody!  Ok, when I introduce myself to people, they tend not to believe I’m a writer; in new York it’s worse than being a musician–your craft doesn’t get you laid, doesn’t get you famous,  you rarely perform, and it’s much harder to stay in shape.  They’ll say they’re a writer too, and it sounds like the difference between a boob job and neurosurgery.   Saying  you’ve written seven novels to a person who hasn’t read seven makes you seem too smart and therefore untrustworthy and possibly manipulative.  You never go out, you’re never the popular kid, you’re always broke, interpersonal skills are disastrous at best, your language consists of cultural references no one will get, the list of bitching goes on and you wonder why you do it.  But you don’t do it to destructively complain, you do it to creatively inform.  maybe stop and think once in awhile,  and have fun doing it.


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  1. I found your site…… do I have to login??

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